Monday, April 29, 2013

Inglis Diamond

During the final days of production at the John Inglis factory approximately 50 Inglis Diamonds were produced. These pistols were special because they featured the companies logo engraved on the slide, unlike the standard production models.  It's believed that most if not all of these pistols were given out as gifts to Canadians who greatly contributed to the war effort.

9T3079 is the earliest currently documented example presented to Melville Ross Gooderham who was the president of ManuLife Financial during WWII.

9T3619 is from the second known serial range of Inglis Diamonds and has no known provenance.  It is sequential in serial number to the example owned by the Toronto Centre of Forensic Sciences.  I'm interested to finding out who this pistol may have belonged to if anyone has any additional information.

For full details on the Inglis Diamond and the John Inglis hi-power in general, I suggest purchasing the book written by Clive Law titled Inglis Diamond

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