Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's time for me to create a new look and direction for my blog

I have not made any news posts on my blog in nearly two years and I've decided it's time to create a new look and focus. 

Since my last post I've graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa and am currently working full time for the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa.  I'm no longer doing any commission work for model companies, and I have no interested in doing this sort of work ever again. My choice to no longer due commission work is due to limited time that I would prefer to spend on my own projects. 

I'm still modeling but lately progress has really been minimal.  My current project is another Kampfgruppe Peiper Panther G but it will be a while before I can make any significant progress.

I have also taken up the hobby of collecting militaria.  My main interest is combat uniforms, equipment, and weapons used by the U.S. Marines in the early battles of WWII.  I also have an interest in U.S. and German militaria used in Normandy.  My ultimate goal is to have nice displays to share with other collectors and compliment my military modeling projects.  

I'm currently working on a new look and format for this blog that will accommodate both military modeling and also collecting. 

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