Tuesday, October 15, 2013

USMC Pack Impression - Guadalcanal

The goal of this pack was to make something that represented what the Marines would have used at Guadalcanal.

I needed to find the earliest USMC Depot made components for this one, and I was lucky to find an e-bay an estate seller who was selling the following components as one lot:

-DQP Pack with D rings
-DQP pack straps, and a set of
-M1941 flat buckle suspenders

When I received the pack it was covered in dust, dirt, and spider webs and required some careful vacuuming and cleaning but the end result was a nice authentic and complete pack.  A nice bonus was that all the parts were named to the same Marine.

I re-assembled the pack to the proper configuration and added the following parts:

-Early OD USMC shelter half (No frog camo for Guadalcanal)
-WWI Surplus USMC blanket
-Depot made shovel cover

I may add a bayonet, lower pack, or early OD rainjacket in the future but for now I'm happy with the overall of this layout and calling this one ready for a mannequin display.



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