Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Storm Miniature 1/35 Zu-23-2

I recently received from Andy Bass Storm Miniatures new 1/35 Zu-23-2 kit.

This is a pre-production sample, and did not include instructions. I was hoping to get this painted for his box-art, I just finished building the kit this morning.

The kit is excellent quality with many fine details. The kit consists of finely cast resin, wheels designed by Hussar, and 2 brass 3 piece barrels from Czech Master. Cleaning up the resin parts was simple, and only required a sharp #11 blade, after that the kit assembled really fast. Easily a weekend build.


This kit will be extremely popular for those who build modern dioramas and anti-aircraft guns. There are many possibilities for this kit with the widespread use of the gun worldwide.

*2015 update:  Sorry, I never did finish painting this kit!  It's a nice one though, highly recommended.

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  1. Where can I find this kit? in desperate need of one.