Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spitfire Wing Blisters

The wing blisters in Tamiya's Spitfire is a detail that has caused a lot of debate over the new kit. Included with the kit is a uncommon although in some rare cases accurate squared off set of blisters. The version most common is as portrayed in this photo:


Already, some resin manufacturers have provided new blisters, however, these new blisters I do not feel accurately portray the photo, and also require removing the kit blister entirely from the gun cover, and glueing down the new ones - I don't know why anyone hasn't just made strait replacement pieces yet? I decided to stick to my goal of doing all the details from scratch for my build and set out to copy the photo I had, below is my end result and I feel it is accurate enough for me:


Just a couple wires left on the engine and I will need to build a pilot for my Spit and actually start painting this thing.

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