Monday, September 2, 2013

USMC Pack Impression - Cape Gloucester

This photograph inspired me to make an impression of the packs seen in use at Cape Gloucester:


Since first writing this post, my opinion has changed and I believe this is most likely a Paramarine shovel cover manufactured around 1943.   There's a small chance it's a rigger made item, but I'm leaning towards the Paramarine style.


Jim Roberston provided me photos of his fantastic original Paramarine shovel cover.  With permission, here's Jim's Paramarine shovel cover:



Paraflage Shovel Cover #5 USMF


I found what some collectors consider to be an Australian made shovel cover - but I believe the item is just a bogus replica. I tossed it on the pack for the photo until I get a Paramarine example.

Here's the completed pack for now:


This concludes my efforts for now of accumulating the parts to assemble a Cape Gloucester USMC pack as seen in the famous photo. 

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